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Message from Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education:
The last few weeks have seen Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and our schools confronting a global health challenge and advancing a historic statewide education program.

As a member of Governor Kate Brown’s Coronavirus Response Team, I’m seeing firsthand the long hours of work going into the effort to monitor the COVID-19 situation, prepare for incidents of the disease and, most importantly, provide the best information to the public to keep them safe.

The fact that the first Oregon case involved a school meant that ODE was a full partner to Oregon Health Authority in the response. We worked together on the guidance that schools remain open at this time and the update that all non-essential school-associated gatherings and group activities should be canceled — such as group parent meetings, field trips, and competitions: ODE Message

To help school districts, students and parents safeguard their health we created a page on our website where you can get answers to frequently asked questions in multiple languages, social media and poster images to raise awareness of best practices and links to more information.

Visit ODE’s COVID-19 page.

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